Exynos 9610 vs Snapdragon 675 Comparison

Exynos 9610 vs Snapdragon 675 Comparison

Exynos 9610 vs Snapdragon 675

The comparison of the Chipset of Qualcomm with Samsung is really better and hopeful. We can find a great comparison between the two companies’ processors in terms of the different features. So, here we are going to look forward to Exynos 9610 vs snapdragon 675.

Although Snapdragon 675 is an old processor as compared to Samsung’s Exynos 9610 we can find great competition in them in different aspects. So, let’s make clear about SD 675 Vs Exynos 9610.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 vs Exynos 9610

AspectsExynos 9610Qualcomm Snapdragon 675

4 Cortex A73 x 2.3GHz
4 Cortex A53 x 1.6GHz

2 Cortex A76 Kryo 460 Gold x 2.0GHz
6 Cortex A55 Kryo 460 Silver x 1.7GHz4 x 1.78GHz
GPUARM Mali-G72 MP3Adreno 612
Manufacturing Process10 nm FinFET11nm LPP
CameraDual: Up to 16MP + 16MP

Single: Up to 24MP
Dual: 16MP + 16 MP

Single: 48MP
Architecture64 bit64 bit

Exynos 9610 vs Snapdragon 675: CPU & GPU


Coming To the CPU we can find both chipsets working on the Octa-core processor. Both the CPU comes with 8 cores. If we talk about Exynos 9610 then we can find 4cores as the primary cores come with ARM Cortex A-73 with the maximum clock speed up to 2.3GHz. Also, the remaining 4 cores come with Cortex A-53 with a clock speed of 1.6GHz.

For Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 we can find 2 cores as the primary cores with Cortex A76 Kryo 460 Gold with a higher speed up to 2.0Ghz. The remaining 6 cores come with Cortex A55 Kryo 460 Silver with a clock speed of 1.7GHz.

In terms of the CPU used in the chipset, we can find that Exynos 9610 has 12.68% faster CPU speed as compared to SD 675.

So, the Exynos is better than sd in terms of Samsung Exynos 9610 vs snapdragon 675.


Talking about the Graphical processing unit, Snapdragon 675 comes with Adreno 612 GPU and Exynos 9610 comes with Mali G72 MP3 GPU.

Mali G72 is based on the second generation of Bifrost architecture and makes an improvement in the performance of smartphones. Also, it supports OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.0, and OpenCL 2.0.

Similarly, Adreno 612 GPU also supports OpenGL ES 3.2, Open CL 2.0, and Vulkan. The plus point is that it also supports an external display over Type – C Port.

Overall the gaming performance of Adreno 612 is better than Mali G72 MP3. The main reason behind is the Adreno 612 is the newer version of GPU than the Mali G-72 MP3. Also, we can find the higher benchmarks on Adreno 612.

Manufacturing Process

Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 is based on 11nm LPP fabrication technology, whereas the Samsung  Exynos 9610 is based on 10nm FinFET technology.

We can find a 1nm smaller semiconductor size in Exynos 9610 that helps in reducing the consumption and improves the battery performance slightly better.

Exynos 9610 vs Snapdragon 675 Comparison

SD 675 Vs Exynos 9610: Camera, Memory & Modem


The single-camera set up for snapdragon 675 phones is 48 MP and 16 MP as the dual camera options. On the side, Exynos 9610 phones only support up to 24MP as a primary lens and 16 MP as the Dual camera option.

Both the Chipsets are well in terms of camera. We can find good support for AI in both chipsets. Also, both are rich in enhancing photos and videos.


Coming to the memory capacity and speed we can find Both chipsets support LPDDR4x RAM, UFS 2.1, and eMMC 5.1 storage memory.

In terms of memory speed Qualcomm snapdragon 675 is faster. The memory speed of SD 675 is 2000MHz and Exynos 9610 is 1600MHz.

Also, the memory bandwidth of SD is 2.98GB/s more than Exynos 9610.


The downloading and uploading speed of both chipsets are equal. Both chipsets have the capacity of downloading up to 600Mbps and uploading speed of Mbps.

Which is Better

Well, both chipsets are better and well-performing I can go for Samsung Exynos 9610 from Exynos 9610 vs Snapdragon 675 because of this reason.

  • We can find a 12.68% faster speed in terms of CPU?
  • 1nm smaller semiconductor size that helps to provide better performance and helps to reduce power consumption.
  • Uses HMP helps in providing powerful performance on the phones.

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