HiSilicon Kirin 970 Vs Snapdragon 835 Comparision

Kirin 970 Vs Snapdragon 835 Comparision

The mid-range 4G processor for smartphones is really impressive in terms of features. In some components, we can find the great flagship killer features on such mid-range processors too. yes, here we are making an analysis on Kirin 970 Vs Snapdragon 835.

Overall the performance and the features of both chipsets are somehow equal and better. We can find a good level of downloading and uploading speed in this 4G connectivity chipset.

Also, we can find the same nm technology used in the time of housing the processor. There are many more common types of features that we can find in these two chipsets. So, let’s make a clear on it.

Kirin 970 Vs Snapdragon 835

AspectsHiSilicon Kirin 970Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

4x 2.36 GHz – Cortex A73
4x 1.84 GHz – Cortex A53

4x 2.45 GHz – Kryo 280 (Cortex-A73)
4x 1.9 GHz – Kryo 280 (Cortex-A53)
GPUMali-G72 MP12Adreno 540
Manufacturing Process10 nm10 nm
CameraDual: Up to 16MP + 16MP

Single: Up to 32 MP
Dual: 20MP + 20 MP

Single: 48MP
StorageUFS 2.1UFS 2.1
Display4K HD4K UHD

Snapdragon 835 Vs Kirin 970: CPU & GPU


Both the Chipset comes with the Octa-Core processor. Among the 8 cores, we can find the 4 cores as the primary cores and cores as the low power processor on both chipsets.

Talking about the CPU of Kirin 970 then we can find the 4 cores with ARM Cortex A73 with the Maximum clock speed up to 2.36 GHz and the remaining 4 cores with Cortex A53 with the maximum clock speed up to 1.84GHz.

Coming to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 then we can find it the chipset comes with Kryo 280. The 4 primary cores come with Cortex A73 with the maximum transfer speed of 2.45GHz and the remaining 4 cores at a maximum clock speed up to 1.9 GHz.

So, we can find a 3.25% faster CPU speed in SD 835 over HiSilicon Kirin 970.


Huawei’s Kirin 970 comes with Mali G72 MP12 GPU and it’s frequency is 710MHz. Similarly, the Snapdragon 835 comes with the Adreno 540 GPU having it’s GPU Frequency of 746MHz.

Overall, the gaming performance of the Snapdragon 835 is better than the Kirin 970.

Manufacturing Process

Both the chipset are prepared under the 10 nm Heating technology. The housing process of both chipsets is based on the same nm technology.

Kirin 970 Vs Snapdragon 835 Comparision

Hisilicon Kirin 970 Vs Snapdragon 835: Camera, Memory & Modem


Like the comparison of Snapdragon 835 Vs Kirin 970, we can find the same capacity on the camera. Here also the Kirin 970 is ahead in terms of camera support. We can find the single-camera support up to 48 MP in the Kirin 970 and 20 MP as the dual or tertiary setup in the phones.

While, in Snapdragon, we can find the single-camera setup capacity up to 32 MP and 16 MP as the dual-camera setup in the phones.


Coming to the memory then we can find 266MHz faster RAM speed in Snapdragon 835. The SD 835 comes with the LPDDR4x RAM type where Kirin 970 comes with the LPDDR4 RAM type.

Here, both the chipset supports the RAM up to 8GB on the phones. But here we can find the phones running on SD 835 performing better.


Like SD 835, the SD 835 and Kirin 970 also can’t support the 5G connectivity. Both the chipset are 4G based chipset and have the same level of uploading speed, i.e. 150Mbps.

Talking about the downloading speed then we can find the SD has up to 1024Mbps and Kirin 970 has up to 1200Mbps. Here, Kirin 970 has a 17.19% faster downloading speed.

Which is Better

The performance of the Kirin 970 is really impressive and wow to hear in competition with Snapdragon 835 and 835. We can say that Snapdragon 835 is quite better than Kirin 970 (Kirin 970 Vs Snapdragon 834) because we can find quite a faster CPU speed and RAM speed in SD 835.

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