HiSilicon Kirin 990 vs Snapdragon 865 Comparison

Kirin 990 vs Snapdragon 865 ComparisonThe 5G Enabled both chipsets are one of the flagship processors for smartphones. We talk about HiSilicon Kirin 990 vs Snapdragon 865 Comparison, both the chipset comes with an Octa-core processor at the same level of the fabrication process. Nowadays, the company is launching the best and heavy processor for smartphones for better results.

If we talk about both chipsets then they are really a high-quality and excellent chipset for heavy smartphones. Both chipsets have the power of the next-generation and speed the gaming performance to the next level.

We can find the breakthrough technology and advance intelligence technology on the chipset. Due to the support of 5G both the processor offers the smooth transition of the evolving 5G Network. With the single chipset, you can connect with the 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G networks. So, let’s make clear about snapdragon 865 vs Huawei Kirin 990.

HiSilicon Kirin 990 vs Snapdragon 865 Comparison

AspectsHiSilicon Kirin 990Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

2x 2.86 GHz – Cortex-A76

2x 2.36 GHz – Cortex-A76

4x 1.95 GHz – Cortex-A55

1x 2.84 GHz – Kryo 585 Prime (Cortex-A77)

3x 2.42 GHz – Kryo 585 Gold (Cortex-A77)

4x 1.8 GHz – Kryo 585 Silver (Cortex-A55)
GPUMali G76 MP16Adreno 650
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC's 7nm+TSMC's 7nm
CameraDual: Up to 20MP + 20MP

Single: Up to 64MP
Dual: Up to 25MP + 25MP

Single: Up to 64MP
RAMUp to 8GB LPDDR4x@2133MHzUp to 8GB LPDDR4x@2133MHz
StorageUFS 3.0UFS 3.0
Display + Video4K HD, 4K Video4KHD Display, 8K Video

SD 865 Vs Kirin 990: CPU, GPU & Manufacturing Process


Huawei Kirin 990 comes with the Octa-core processor. It has 2x 2.86 GHz – Cortex-A76 as a primary CPU. Besides this, we can also find the 2x 2.36 GHz – Cortex-A76 and 4x 1.95 GHz – Cortex-A55 CPU used in this chipset.

On the side of Snapdragon 865, we can find that it comes with Kryo 585 Cortex A77 as the primary CPU runs on up-to 2.84GHZ. The secondary CPU comes with 3 Kryo 585 and runs on 2.42GHz. The other CPU runs on 4 Kryo 585 (4x 1.8 GHz – Kryo 585 Silver (Cortex-A55)) with up to 1.8 GHz.

Overall, Huawei Kirin 990 is a better chipset as compared to Snapdragon 865. This is because Kirin 990 is 0.23% faster on CPU speed.


The graphics processing unit (GPU) of Kirin 990 is really amazing and better than Snapdragon 865. The kirin 990 comes with Mali G76 MP16 GPU and GPU clock speed of it is 720MHz.

Likewise, Snapdragon 865 comes with Adreno 650 and a GPU Clock speed of 587MHz which is comparatively less as compared to Kirin 990.

So, the gaming performance of the Kirin 990 chipset is really much better than Snapdragon 865 with a high level of Clock speed which is 133MHz greater than Snapdragon.

Manufacturing Process

We can’t find such a big difference in the fabricating process of the chipset. Both chipsets are fabricated on the technology of 7nm. But the thing is that the Kirin 990 is manufacture on 7nm +.

In terms of the fabrication process, we can’t find a such difference in them.

Snapdragon 865 vs Kirin 980: Camera, Memory & Modem


Now coming to the camera, Kirin 990 supports the 64 MP Single camera and 20MP+20MP Dual camera features on the phones. Whereas Snapdragon 865 supports the 64MP Single camera and 25MP+25MP camera as the double set-up.

In terms of the camera and photography, the Kirin 990 supports the 4K Video recording and Snapdragon supports the 8K Video recording. So, in terms of the camera and video recording, Snapdragon 865 is better.


We may all know that the increase in the frequency gives quicker system performance. So, the snapdragon 865 has a 2750MHz RAM Speed and Kirin 990 has a 2133MHz RAM Speed.

Going for memory channel then Kirin 990 comes with Memory Channel 2 and Snapdragon 865 with 4. In terms of memory, the speed of data transfer between the memory and the CPU is faster on Snapdragon 865.


Coming to the download and upload of the chipset. The snapdragon 865 has a maximum Download speed of Up to 2500 Mbps. Whereas the Kirin 990 has a maximum download speed of Up to 2300 Mbps.

Similarly, the Upload speed of Up to 316 Mbps and Kirin 990 has an uploading speed of Up to 1250 Mbps.

Although the downloading speed of the Snapdragon 865 is better in terms of the uploading speed, the chipset fails to compete with Kirin 990.


Snapdragon 865 is one of the flagship chipsets for smartphones where you can find the overall good features. Snapdragon 865 has a higher RAM Speed as compared to Kirin 990. Also it users HMP and Has NX Bit features. The use of 2 more memory channels makes snapdragon 865 one of the best chipsets in smartphones.

But it doesn’t mean that Kirin 990 is the worst. We can find a 0.23% faster CPU speed on Kirin as compared to Snapdragon. Also, the GPU Clock speed of Kirin 990 is 133MHz faster.

So, we can say that Snapdragon 865 is quite a better chipset as compared to Kirin 990.

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